Find Hindi OTBA material of class 9 th issued by CBSE for the year The main objective of OTBA is to drift the students mind away from. OTBA Analysis Class 9 Science, Maths, Social, English & Hindi 3rd Edition: ipprofehaphvol.tk: Team Elevate: Books. OTBA Analysis Class 9 Science, Maths, Social, English & Hindi () 3rd Edition . I strongly recommend students from class 9th to download this book.

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All in One Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA) for Class 9th March Examination 2nd Edition by Educational and Professional Books · Academic Texts Books · School Books . Together with ASL Class 9 (With CD) 1st Edition. Class- IX Social Science Main 1 & 2 (Class–IX) English Main 1 & 2 (Class–IX) Hindi Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA), SA II, Class IX & XI, " Library Junction" and "Face a Book Challenge" have won the KVS. Open Text Based Assessment(OTBA) Class:IX Open Text .. Indian Writer Annie Zaidi Wins USD , Global Book Prize 'Nine Dots'. Indian writer.

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The children are waiting for their milk to help them grow strong. The sweet-maker is waiting to make delicious sweetmeats. The farmers are waiting for their buttermilk. Buchanan Accno Gist. Sampat Acc. The animal who has the most beautiful baby ,she will give him prize.

All animals gathered at one place. Juno went to all animals one by one. Municipal waste mainly consists of household waste, construction and demolition debris, sanitation residue etc. Question 8: What is Bioreactor Technology in waste degradation?

Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA) 2017 for classes IX and XI

Answer 8: Bioreactor technology is an environmental friendly technique in which microbial cultures are used to treat the waste produced and is converted into compost or manures by using the enzymes present in the microbes. Thus, reducing the amount of waste and also generating useful product from the same. Question 9: What are the advantages of bioreactor technology?

Answer 9: Question What is meant by Waste Hierarchy? Answer The aim of the waste hierarchy is to extract the maximum practical benefits from products and to generate the minimum amount of waste. State the objectives of solid waste management. What are the hazards of plastic waste?

Non-judicious disposal of plastics leads to the choking of drains, reducing the soil fertility, killing animals on ingestion and hindering the recharge of groundwater.

Thus, conventional plastics, right from their manufacture to their disposal are a major problem to the environment.

As per Plastic waste Management and handling , Rules, , a State Level Advisory committee has to be constituted to oversee the handling, use and disposing of plastic waste. The rules have introduced the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility EPR for the first time with respect to plastic waste. What can one do for an effective SWM?

As an individual, a person can generate awareness amongst people for solid waste management. Following ideas can be shared to reduce solid waste — a Segregation at source i. The Hazardous and Other Wastes Management and Trans-boundary Movement Rules, notified by the Ministry of Environment distinguish hazardous waste from others such as waste tyres, paper waste, metal scrap and used electronic items.

How can we save Yamuna? Sometimes producers of products or services accept a degree of responsibility for the wastes that result from the products they market, by reducing materials used in production, making recyclable goods, and reducing packaging.

Yamuna is polluted due to dumping of solid wastes and creating problems to treat the water. If the segregation of the waste is performed at the source level than the additional cost of water treatment can be saved and water can be purified easily. Since Yamuna mainly has industrial pollution, so the industries should, as producers, take responsibility to reduce the discharge of effluents into the river.

Why is state of the art technology along with planning required for scientific disposal of waste, in future? Our country needs policy and guidelines to enable the municipal corporations to run the waste services efficiently. In our country, practices and methodologies used for SWM are still following the unscientific and inefficient methods and are mainly dependent on the informal sector.

Besides, owing to the population explosion, enormous amount of waste is generated leading to the overflowing landfills.

These overburdened landfills pose serious implications including environmental, health, air, water and soil pollution and even global warming. Adding to the woes is the large scale dependence on the informal sector for waste segregation, disposal and recycling working on outdated technology. What is role of Rag Picker in waste management? Describe the health risk in such people. Rag Picker segregate mixed waste into paper, plastic and bottles.

They get income which is just enough to survive. Waste pickers work for about six days per week and around hours per day without protective gear.

This puts them at a risk of frequent injuries like cuts and bruises. The disposal of plastic also carries severe health risks as it contains heavy metals like lead, copper, cobalt, selenium, cadmium, and chromium, which are highly toxic.

State the main reasons and issues regarding solid waste management. SWM is a serious concern as ours is a densely populated country and it affects both the health and the environment.

The chief issues regarding SWM are i Less awareness about reducing waste at source.


What would happen if human beings live in unhygienic conditions with poor sanitation? Unhygienic conditions are major cause of diarrhoea and leads to other major diseases such as cholera, schistosomiasis, and trachoma. What are social aspects of environment which influence health?

Repetitive strain injury in the office place. Stress related illness in the customer care industries. Labour jobs such as coal miners are at high risk of breathing problems. Family relationships, friends, and peers in the school or work place. These relationships can produce negative peer pressure and potential bullying.

Why are plastic bottles harmful for human beings? Which is harmful to humans as it interferes with their hormone levels and possibility of human reproductive disorders is increased. How does mercury from waste or sewage enter into our nervous system? What are the effect of tobacco on human being?

CBSE scraps open text book based assessment for classes 9 and 11

Tobacco smoke has been identified as a major airborne chemical risk to health. It causes a number of diseases like lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Smoking adversely affects the immune system, thereby making smokers more prone to the respiratory infections. What is the role of EPA in protecting environment? What were the common health problems after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in December 2, ?

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People were seen suffering from common ailments of the poor, such as tuberculosis and anaemia. High incidence of lung, eye disease, morbidity, cancer, mental problems and birth defects were also found in the victims. Why should one think twice before using cosmetics? Various cosmetic products contain different kind of chemicals. Phthalates in nail polish and perfumes is linked to birth defects. While shampoos containing selenium sulphide, used against dandruff is carcinogenic.


Global warming due to excess greenhouse gases has shown consequences that are affecting human health. What are the ill effects? Greenhouse gases are responsible for hole in ozone layer present after outer most part of our atmosphere. These ozone hole has led to excess UV radiation reaching the earth. Exposure to UV radiation increases possibility of skin cancer as melanoma and cataract.

The waste water generated from industry was drained mostly or partially untreated in the local drains, which had led to the pollution of these drains.

Pesticides such as heptachlor, ethion and chlorpyrifos were also higher in samples of drinking water, vegetables and blood in the cotton belt of Punjab.

Fertilizers are essential for agricultural purposes, but they also impose danger to human health. Nitrate is important composition of fertilizers and is essential for plant growth. However, high content of Nitrate is found in water due to fertilizer leaching.

Sometimes high content of Nitrate is found in water, which mostly arises due to fertilizer leaching.

Why is sanitation important? Sanitation is important for — a Maintaining healthy environment so as to improve quality of life and increasing years of healthy life. Mention the points which are required to be consider before making a home for living?

Following points must keep in mind for making a home: Radon is a radioactive gas found in the soil. Our house should be free from Radon as its long term exposure is one of the major cause of lung cancer.

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Answer 7: People were seen suffering from common ailments of the poor, such as tuberculosis and anaemia.

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