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ePub File Size: Mb Items 1 — 21 Download Gids proportionaliteit form: According to the Gids proportionaliteit, proporfionaliteit new. American Gods. Home · American Gods Author: Neil Gaiman. downloads Views KB Size Report. This content was DOWNLOAD EPUB. Download Ecp gids proportionaliteit form engineering: Bonresto – le guide des restaurants en Suisse . FLUID MECHANICS BY DAUGHERTY EPUB. Solutions .

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The Proportionality Guide Gids Proportionaliteit.

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Jahresbericht bezog er sich auf die in gids proportionaliteit Form. We use cookies to enhance your experience. Items 1 — 21 Download Gids proportionaliteit form: According to the Gids proportionaliteit, proporfionaliteit new version of the Guide will receive the support of the parties involved and will be made public after approval by the cabinet.

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More about saving searches below. The special field vl is used to search for books in a virtual library. For example, vl:read will find all the books in the Read virtual library. The search vl:read and vl:"science Fiction" will find all the books that are in both the Read and Science Fiction virtual libraries.

The value following vl: must be the name of a virtual library. If the virtual library name contains spaces then surround it with quotes. U kunt zoeken of een veld bestaat of niet met behulp van de speciale waardes true en false.

Zoeken naar false, leeg of open vindt alle boeken met ongedefinieerde waardes in de kolom. Zoeken naar true vindt alle boeken die geen ongedefinieerde waardes hebben in de kolom. Zoeken naar ja of aangevinkt vindt alle boeken met Ja in de kolom. Zoeken naar nee of uit vindt alle boeken met Nee in de kolom.

B vinden, maar niet de tags AA of AA. C, maar niet de tag A.

Identifiers d. Een identifier heeft de form type:value zoals in isbn: De uitgebreide schrijfwijze helpt u om onafhankelijk te specificeren naar welk type en waarde te zoeken. Zowel het type als ook de waarde kunnen in de zoekopdracht gebruik maken van is-gelijk, bevat of reguliere expressie. Voorbeelden: identifiers:true zal boeken vinden met een willekeurige identificator. To do this, create your search either by typing it in the Search bar or using the Tag browser.

Then type the name you would like to give to the search in the Saved Searches box next to the Search bar. Click the plus icon next to the saved searches box to save the search. Now you can access your saved search in the Tag browser under Searches. A single click will allow you to reuse any arbitrarily complex search easily, without needing to re-create it.

This is an excellent way to partition your large collection of books into smaller, manageable chunks. To learn how to create and use virtual libraries, see the tutorial: Virtuele bibliotheken pagina You can also control how metadata is read from the filename using regular expressions see Alles over het gebruik van reguliere expressies in calibre pagina In the Adding Books section of the configuration dialog, you can specify 14 Hoofdstuk 1.

De grafische gebruikersinterface 19 Fig. Raadt metadata op basis van bestandsnamen 15 20 a regular expression that calibre will use to try and guess metadata from the names of e-book files that you add to the library. The default regular expression is: title - author dat betekent, het programma gaat ervan uit dat alle tekens tot de eerste - tot de titel van het boek behoren en volgende tekens de naam van de auteur van het boek.

Bijvoorbeeld, de bestandsnaam: Foundation and Earth - Isaac Asimov. De grafische gebruikersinterface 21 1. It can be hidden via 1. Boekgegevens 17 22 the Layout button in the lower right corner of the main calibre window. The author names shown in the Book details panel are click-able, they will by default take you to the Wikipedia page for the author.

This can be customized by right clicking on the author name and selecting Manage this author. Als u metadata voor het boek download, zal tevens in het Boekdetail-scherm automatisch een link worden getoond naar webpagina s van het boek op site, worldcat etc. You can right click on individual e-book formats in the Book details panel to delete them, compare them to their original versions, save them to disk, open them with an external program, etc. You can change the cover of the book by simply drag and dropping an image onto the Book details panel.

If you wish to edit the cover image in an external program, simply right click on it and choose Open with. You can also add e-book files to the current book by drag and dropping the files onto the Book details panel. Double clicking the Book details panel will open it up in a separate popup window. De grafische gebruikersinterface 23 1.

If you click on any item in the Tag browser, for example the author name Isaac Asimov, then the list of books to the right is restricted to showing books by that author. You can click on category names as well. For example, clicking on Series will show you all books in any series. The first click on an item will restrict the list of books to those that contain or match the item.

Continuing the above example, clicking on Isaac Asimov will show books by that author.

Clicking again on the item will change what is shown, depending on whether the item has children see sub-categories and hierarchical items below. Continuing the Isaac Asimov example, clicking again on Isaac Asimov will restrict the list of books to those not by Isaac Asimov. A third click will remove the restriction, showing all books.

If you hold down the Ctrl or Shift keys and click on multiple items, then restrictions based on multiple items are created.

Month: January 2019

For example you could hold Ctrl and click on the tags History and Europe for finding books on European history. The Tag browser works by constructing search expressions that are automatically entered into the Search bar. Looking at what the Tag browser generates is a good way to learn how to construct basic search expressions.

Items in the Tag browser have their icons partially colored. The amount of color depends on the average rating of the Tag browser 19 24 books in that category. You can hover your mouse over the icon to see the average rating.

The outer-level items in the Tag browser, such as Authors and Series, are called categories. You can create your own categories, called User categories, which are useful for organizing items. For example, you can use the User categories editor click the Configure button at the lower-left of the Tag browser and choose Manage authors, series, etc User categories to create a User category called Favorite Authors, then put the items for your favorites into the category.

User categories can have sub-categories. For example, the User category Favorites.

Authors is a sub-category of Favorites. You might also have Favorites. Series, in which case there will be two sub-categories under Favorites. Sub-categories can be created by right-clicking on a User category, choosing Add sub-category to You can search User categories in the same way as built-in categories, by clicking on them.

There are four different searches cyc 1. It is also possible to create hierarchies inside some of the text categories such as tags, series, and custom columns. These hierarchies show with the small triangle, permitting the sub-items to be hidden. Once this is done, items in that category that contain periods will be shown using the small triangle. For example, assume you create a custom column called Genre and indicate that it contains hierarchical items.

Once done, items such as Mystery. Thriller and Mystery. English will display as Mystery with the small triangle next to it. Clicking on the triangle will show Thriller and English as sub-items.

See Managing subgroups of books, for example genre pagina for more information. Hierarchical items items with children use the same four click-on searches as User categories. Items that do not have children use two of the searches: everything matching and everything not matching. You can drag and drop items in the Tag browser onto User categories to add them to that category. If the source is a User category, holding the shift key while dragging will move the item to the new category. You can also drag and drop books from the book list onto items in the Tag browser; dropping a book on an item causes that item to be automatically applied to the dropped books.

For example, dragging a book onto Isaac Asimov will set the author of that book to Isaac Asimov. Dropping it onto the tag History will add the tag History to the book s tags. You can easily find any item in the Tag browser by clicking the search button at the lower-right corner. In addition, you can right click on any item and choose one of several operations.

Some examples are to hide it, rename it, or open a Manage x dialog that allows you to manage items of that kind. For example, the Manage Authors dialog allows you to rename authors and control how their names are sorted.

American Gods

You can control how items are sorted in the Tag browser via the Configure button at the lower-left of the Tag browser. You can choose to sort by name, average rating or popularity popularity is the number of books with an item in your library; for example, the popularity of Isaac Asimov is the number of books in your library by Isaac Asimov.

De grafische gebruikersinterface 25 1. The Cover grid is activated by clicking the Layout button in the bottom right corner of the main calibre window.

You can even have calibre display any specified field under the covers, such as title or authors or rating or a custom column of your own devising Omslagenrooster 21 26 1. This is activated via the Layout button in the lower right corner of the main window. You can do this with Quickview. Quickview opens either a second window or a panel in the book list showing the list of books matching the value of interest. For example, assume you want to see a list of all the books with the one or more of the authors of the currently-selected book.

Click in the author cell you are interested in and press the Q key or click the Quickview icon in the Layout section of the calibre window. A window or panel will open with all the authors for that book on the left, and all the books by the selected author on the right. It can open undocked : on top of the calibre window and will stay open until you explicitly close it.

It can open docked : as a panel in the book list section of the calibre main window. De grafische gebruikersinterface 27 The Quickview panel can be left open permanently, in which case it follows movements on the book list. For example, if you click in the calibre library view on a category column tags, series, publisher, authors, etc.

The first item in that list will be selected, and Quickview will show you on the right-hand side panel all the books in your library that use that value.

Click on an different value in the left-hand panel to see the books with that different value. Double-click on a book in the Quickview window to select that book in the library view. This will also change the items display in the QuickView window the left-hand panel to show the items in the newly-selected book. Shift- or Ctrl- double-click on a book in the Quickview window to open the edit metadata dialog on that book in the calibre window.

The edited book will be Quickview ed when you close the edit metadata dialog. U kunt zien of een kolom snel weergegeven kan worden door met uw muisaanwijzer over de kolomnaam te gaan en de tooltip voor dit kolomhoofd te bekijken.

U kunt ook rechts te klikken op de kolomkop en bekijken of de optie Snelweergave wordt getoond in het menu; in dat geval is het kiezen van de optie Snelweergave hetzelfde als het indrukken van Q van de huidge cel.

If checked then Quickview shows only books in the current virtual library. Default: respect virtual libraries Change the Quickview window contents when the column is changed on the book list using the cursor keys. Default: don t follow changes made with cursor keys Change the column being quickview ed when a cell in the Quickview window is double-clicked.

Otherwise the book is changed but the column being examined is not. Default: change the column Change the column being quickview ed to the current column when the return key is pressed in the Quickview panel. Jobs are tasks that run in a separate process. They include converting e-books and talking to your reader device.

You can click on the jobs panel to access the list of jobs. Once a job has completed you can see a detailed log from that job by double-clicking it in the list. This is useful to debug jobs that may not have completed successfully Toetsenbord sneltoetsen calibre has several keyboard shortcuts to save you time and mouse movement.

These shortcuts are active in the book list view when you re not editing the details of a particular book , and most of them affect the title you have selected. The calibre E-book viewer has its own shortcuts which can be customised by clicking the Preferences button in the viewer. Je hoeft alleen de letter toets in te drukken, bijv.

E om aan te Taken 23 28 passen.


Tabel 1. De grafische gebruikersinterface 29 Tabel 1. De grafische gebruikersinterface 31 HOOFDSTUK 2 Uw favoriete nieuws website toevoegen calibre has a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use framework for downloading news from the Internet and converting it into an e-book. The following will show you, by means of examples, how to get news from various websites. To gain an understanding of how to use the framework, follow the examples in the order listed below: Compleet automatisch ophalen pagina 27 De calibre blog pagina 28 bbc.

In order to tell calibre about a news source, you have to create a recipe for it. Let s see some examples: 27 32 2. To make calibre download the feeds and convert them into an e-book, you should right click the Fetch news button and then the Add a custom news source menu item and then the New Recipe button. A dialog similar to that shown below should open up. First enter calibre Blog into the Recipe title field. This will be the title of the e-book that will be created from the articles in the above feeds.

The next two fields Oldest article and Max. To add the feeds to the recipe, enter the feed title and the feed URL and click the Add feed button. Once you have added the feed, simply click the Save button and you re done! Close the dialog.Any Python-compatible regular expression 2 can be used. Quickview opens either a second window or a panel in the book list showing the list of books matching the value of interest. Het kan e-books bekijken, converteren en catalogiseren in de meeste grote e-bookformaten.

Nevada is ranked 12 for broadband availability and 16 for download speed in ternet Providers in rvice price will revert to the regular. After a couple of minutes, the newly downloaded e-book of blog posts will appear in the main library view if you have your reader connected, it will be put onto the reader instead of into the library.

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