The Ruy Lopez is a hugely popular opening, and anyone who plays 1 e4 e5 as Black needs to have a reliable answer ready. This book provides a solution. Nov 3, #1. You can download this free pdf here: Ruy Lopez - All Variations variations, 6 most common (names, ECO, moves) 20 pages, KB. Don't think twice if you are a player between and who wants a complete repertoire against the Ruy Lopez.

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Fighting the Ruy Lopez book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. The Ruy Lopez is incredibly common at all levels of chess, and ever. The Zaitsev System. Fresh Ideas and New Weapons for Black in the Ruy Lopez . I've been playing the Zaitsev Ruy Lopez with both colours for my entire chess career. Naturally allowed him to fight for the initiative by 22 ♘dc5! (in the. Milos Pavlovic Sample pages (pdf) Everyone who plays 1.e4,e5; as Black needs to have a reliable antidote to the Ruy Lopez or Spanish Opening. In this book.

Be3 h5. The threats around the white king prove to be formidable enough.. Bxd5 cxd5 Bg4 Rh6 g4 Rxe3 Re1 h4 Red1 Be4 Kg1 fxg3 At this point Black can only get a draw. Kavala Kh1 Ree2 White can delay mate by seven moves.

Kh2 g4 It's tough to see because it apparently gives up a bishop for nothing and allows the trade of queens.. Nd2 c3 Rxe4 Otherwise Black will play. White first gets the g-pawn.

Re6 f4! This was Anand's big novelty.. Ne2 Re6 Nd2 White can actually do this because if Black takes the exchange. Rd3 Rf5. Qf1 Rxe1 Ng5 h3 Qf3 White tries to run over the kingside and defend.

Rxd1 Bxg2 Bd1 Qxd1 Be3 Qe2 Unlike Nc4 Bxf4 Qxg2 hxg2 Black ground out the win. Be3 Bh3 Ne5 Bf5 Nd2 h4 Ne4 Bb8 Bd7 Black has an interesting idea of bringing the queen to f5. Qf5 The double attack is winning. Nc1 h5 Kxg2 f5 I like the black knight..

Qe2 f5 Nf3 Qh5 Biel Nxg4 Bxf4 Qg2 Qh5 Rxe1 f6 This loses.. Qf1 White quickly tries to trade down. Nf3 g4 Ng1 Development is a little awkward for White. Kxf1 Rae8 Mate in two is threatened.

Nd3 Bf3 Rfe8 Bf4 Be4 Rac1 Qh5 Rxd6 Otherwise Black gets the diagonal open for the c8-bishop for nothing. Be3 Rfe8 A3 Bc1 Bxg3! Very imaginative play. Nc5 Re2 Linares Bd2 Bg4 Ne6 Re8 Nd2 A normal move like this is not so good. A-Fernandez Siles. Kf1 Bxe3 Bg4 Black develops with tempo. Qh5 The pressure is on Black is prove something of value for the pawn..

White will dearly miss the light-squared bishop. Re1 Bh3 A great interference move.. Qh5 Black seeks to do some reshuffling. Bxd5 Rh6 Qf3 Bg4 In the other line with White will cruise into an endgame a pawn up. Qf1 White challenges the nest the black queen has made on h3. Naranjo Moreno.

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Qf2 Nd5 The bishop may come to h3. Qf3 Rfe6 Bxd5 White gets rid of the black knight while giving Black the bishoppair. Nf1 Bxf1 Kf1 Bh3 Qg2 Rfe8 Rec1 Bh3 Ke2 White is up a piece. Nd2 White also develops.

The Ruy Lopez Main Line

We are nearing the critical stage. Qh1 Qf5 Bf4 does not work here. Rh6 Qg2 Rf6 As we will see. Rxe3 Rf6 White is finished. Kg2 Rae8 It's easy for White to drift and let Black take over.. Black brings another piece into the game and prepares a rook lift..

Keep in mind that White is up a pawn and will be playing conservatively.. Qf1 Qh5 Qd3 White prepares a possible Qf1 defense and gets the queen off the back row.

Nf1 This move Tbilisi Ne5 Bb5 Bd1 Bxd1 Bd2 Rfe8 Unfortunately Black has lost the light-squared bishop.

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Kxh2 Bxd3 Rxc6 Nxe3 Ra6 Kf8 Rec1 Be2 The kingside looks suddenly abandoned so White opts for a trade of queens although giving the pawn back to Black. Nxc6 Bxc6 Bb3 Rd8 The danger is that it distracts the white pieces from the queenside.

Rexd1 f5 On the other hand. Raxc6 Rxc6 Bd1 White gets the light-squared bishop over to defend the kingside.. Bc7 Ng5 Re2 Ra7 f6?!

This allows a tactical sequence. Bc4 Bxe3 Qf5 Black continues to guard the h3-bishop and prevents the queen from going to d3. Bh3 The bishop takes over the light squares on the white kingside Qe2 It looks to me like White is under pressure on the e-file.

Qf1 White guards the king..

Note for Chess Book Publishers

Qf3 Qg6 This is a complicated position. Rb6 Ke7 Nxc4 Bb4 Qd2 Nxe3 Two bishops are much stronger than the rook.

Black targets the center. Qf2 Rfe8 Ng4 This is better when Black should move the bishop to g5. This is an unexpected break. Peter Leko and Vladimir Kramnik. Rb2 Rd3 Look in the databases and you will find Aronian.

The Marshall Attack is tough for both sides because White has to deal with the attack while Black has to justify being down a pawn. Bf3 Ra3 I included more complete games than I usually do because the variation itself is long: Bb3 Rc3 Bxe6 fxe6. Be2 Re3 Kf3 cxd4 Kh4 Rf2 0—1 Smeets. Nf3 White is trying to get organized. So if a game goes thirty-five moves.

Grandmaster Repertoire 13 - The Open Spanish by Victor Mikhalevski

J — Bacrot. Black combined the tactic with positional pressure and squeezed out a win. Rf2 Bd4 Monte Carlo Even if they are only using it to draw. Bb3 Nxe3 And like the other tactics we have seen. Rxe5 Bd1 Ke7 Both sides have chances for interesting chess and I recommend the Marshall Attack if you are willing to put in the work to study it.

Be4 h5 Kh3 Bg1 Kg2 Rxc3 When researching the attack I was surprised at how many top level players have assayed it at one time or another. Qf3 White can try to get out of the pin on the e-file. The idea seems to be that is White's tied up. Bf4 Black keeps up the pressure by attacking the pinned piece.

I will show the rest of a game between two elites. More importantly it is helpful to see how strong players play the position. Rxe5 Rxe5 Kxf2 f6 Marshall Attack [C89] This game featured a great tactic. Kh1 Bc7 Kg2 g6 Since the kingside is reasonably guarded at this point. Rad1 dxc3 Qxa6 Bxg3 Bb5 a6 4.

Black gets distracted by a chance to win material. White does not defend the pawn because of the same reason Black does not take the pawn: Black has definite compensation. White can afford to give one pawn back As I was told by my coach and as I tell the kids I coach. Kxg2 Bxd Rxe5 c6 Be3 Here we have development.

Qh5 Black can better exert pressure with the queens on the board Black has the bishop-pair and control of the light squares. Now Black is the one who is scuttling backwards. Nxe5 Nxe5 Re1 b5 Black was down two pawns!

So Black still has a material deficit with greatly decreased pressure. Qc6 Bh3 Qg2 White flies immediately back to defend the kingside and avoids the.. Bh3 Bb3 0—0 8. Bxg3 discovered tactic. Bb8 Ra5 Bd7. Bxd3 I like Bacrot's move so much better. Re1 Bf5 Ba4 Nf6 White is up two pawns with no queenside developed.. Kh8 Black moves and avoids pinning himself. If it weren't for Bacrot's preparation.. Bg4-f3 is no longer good. Rd7 At this point Black may have been preparing the surprise The open lines against the king and the bishop-pair make this a good choice.

For the exchange Black gets open files and murderous play on the light squares. Qxd7 White hardly has a choice.. The maneuver.. Be6 Bf4 A double attack: Qb7 White defends on the long diagonal. Bb6 White stopped.

If Kh1 Bg4! Qh1 White chooses this ugly square over other choices because of light-square problems.. White has to keep an eye on f3. The rook may also swing over to f7.

Be5 Bg4 Bf4 Now the bishop-pair are going to wreak havoc.. Bxe3 Re8 Every piece must enter the attack. Re1 White has to defend the first rank. This is what was amazing to me: Black has to play moves like this while down material with no direct threats he is threatening the rook but that would not even balance material.

Bxe3 Black removes a defender with the light-squared bishop still in reserve. White can try to hang on to material at any cost. Be5 White can barely keep the balance. I like this move. Re7 This puts White's position in jeopardy. Bf4 Re3 Bxd4 Qd5 doesn't work well.. Rg8 Black needs the other pieces to attack. Kh1 Be5 Rxe1 Black could win back some material but it distracts focus from the main goal of attack and decreases pressure It keeps the defense and starts creating threats around the black king.

Bd4 White centralizes and starts a counterattack. Bxd2 Black gets a piece and removes a defender. Kf1 Qg2. Re3 Bxe3 Kh1 h6 Now the black rook is free to roam around.. Re7 Qg6 Kf1 Bh6 Black has secured his king. Re3 The bishops must be neutralized.. Bxe1 Black can also begin to push his c-pawns to c5 and c6 in order to control more space. The Closed Ruy Lopez Instead of taking the knight after 1. Ba4, Black always has the opportunity of playing the move …b5, breaking the potential pin against along the a4-e8 diagonal.

After 4. Many chess players who start playing the Spanish fall for this trap and have resigned in less than 10 moves with White. Ba4 Nf6 5. Re1 b5 7.

Bb3 d6 8. For these players, the 6. The variation arises after the moves 1. No need to study the Marshall Gambit, the Chigorin or the Breyer. It has been used regularly by every world chess champion and is often one of the first openings beginners learn.

It is not only one of the best openings for beginners but also played at master level, with opening theory developed as far as move The best way to get a feel for this opening is to practice playing with both colors and conducting post-game analyses. You will get a feel for where to place the pieces, understand the key positions and maneuvers. You can absorb many key ideas that will help you in your own games.

The next game will answer this question. Still, building a broad pawn centre was the whole point of dislodging the white pawn from e4. You could say that a centre is only as powerful as the pieces that are supporting it. The only way to hold onto e5. After The key move. If now White appears to have triumphed, as the black centre is broken up and she has won a pawn after Answer: Black breaks the pin on c6 and removes the king from the firing line.

Answer: 11 e6! An excellent positional move. Permissible is 11 by White, as long as she answers Answer: After the immediate Hint: it will take a three-move manoeuvre!

The pressure on the c7-pawn is also significant. An admirable lesson in how to activate your worst placed piece. The black rook intends to join the ensemble of other black pieces in the centre via b6 and e6. The pressure on the black centre leads to a rather panicky reaction by Black: The bishop capture is totally inconsistent with putting the rook on b6.

Also weak are But the position looks unclear after Can you see that this represents a loss of coordination by the black pieces? Offering an unwelcome exchange of bishops which would leave the dark squares weak around the black king. Besides, the c5-pawn would become more fragile once deprived of its defender.

Answer: After Perhaps the best move was In any case, provoking a crisis of this sort was preferable to being slowly ground down in the game.This is an unexpected break. Bb6 White stopped Qe3 dxe5 Bd8 Kd7 Qd2 Nxe3 Rg4 Qxc3 Bg4 Black develops with tempo.

Qxc5 Rxf3 Ng2 Bxg2

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