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In fact, each implementation might require wavelength converters cycle corresponds to a face of the graph, chosen with in several nodes.

A clear advantage of this approach is the proper orientation so that each link is covered on that it allows distributed recovery: each ring is an both the directions Fig. In a planar graph there automatic and autonomous recovery system. This are always f 1 internal faces plus one external face. Based on the cycle decomposition of the account.

The by-rings approach is how to perform ring decomposi- recovery operation also called automatic protection tion of the meshed network topology [28].

In fact, switching, APS , carried out by the switching devices provided that the physical topology of the network is inside the nodes, is very similar to the OMS-SPRing at least two-edge connected, recovery is possible if a recovery operation.

Finding the minimal ring cover in following constraints: minimizing the network non-planar networks is an NP-hard problem and it is G. WDM channels is very large.

Designing a survivable network based the counter-clockwise direction. The wavelength sets. The M-WSHR protection technique last step can be performed in a dedicated or shared can by applied only to networks supporting full- mode. In the dedicated mode, each link of the ring is wavelength conversion.

achille pattavina reti di telecomunicazioni pdf

In this mode, cycle cover [28,31]: cycles are chosen in such a way G. Two possible planar -mesh-topology decompositions obtained by applying the double-cycle-cover technique. In represented in Figs 10a and 10b require converters. It is based on often preferred to cycle cover. In practice, however, only the two non-adjacent ring nodes Fig.

This is impossible structures as for capacity minimization. However, p- on most networks without adding wavelength con- cycle planning is an NP-hard problem and is not verters in some nodes for example, both the covers scalable. P-cycle protection design. A ring is able to recovery either one of its links a or one of its chords b. Generalized-loopback protection.

Two lightpaths are represented before a and after b the failure of link AB. Link protection implemented in mesh networks network resources and it is suitable to distributed exploiting the generalized loopback principle [33] is control.

It is also scalable since it allows the network radically different from the previous cases. The graph modeling such a network can be divided in two directed and conjugate subgraphs, in such a way that each link is crossed by one arc of each 7 Some Concluding Remarks subgraph in the two opposite directions Fig. One of the two subgraphs is chosen to represent the This overview of different protection techniques is working network resources, while the other is mainly supported by qualitative considerations.

A reserved for protection and is kept idle in normal complete survey would have also to compare the conditions. In case of link failure, the upstream node techniques on the basis of quantitative numerical data, operates the loopback diverting all the working obtained e. Since the subgraphs another entirely dedicated article.

Works in literature are conjugate there is the guarantee that at least a copy dedicated to this task are quite rare and compare only of the original signal reaches the node downstream of some of the techniques presented above [1,34].

The the faulty link. Very few if any systematic protection techniques. Other parameters are: switching 8 WDM Network Heuristic Design with Path speed of connection recovery, cost of protection Protection equipment and protection mechanism control com- plexity including, for example, the amount of In this section we would like to concentrate on one of bandwidth consumed by signaling.

In particular we chose to discuss the cated vs. Other obvious trade-offs preplanned path protection case on a mesh topology. This brings after an objective function has been determined by optimization under survivability constraints into the suitably weighting the parameters reported above foreground as a major problem of network design.

As according to the needs and the priorities of the real WDM networks scale in size and connectivity, network operator. As in every optimization problem, this problem can no longer be manually solved. Besides dures become important aids to planning. In this context, we proposed a planning measurement of network reliability.

Connections mean network availability [36]. Allocation is extensively studied [27,37]. Pioneering studies jointly solved with network dimensioning with the focusing the whole WDM network have introduced goal of minimizing a given network cost parameter.

The developed tool simulta- between two nodes. In particular, the to the protection lightpath. When two alternative lightpaths identifying both the working and the protection lightpath-pairs are equally good according to a lightpaths. The application of pair is actually minimal.

achille pattavina reti di telecomunicazioni pdf to jpg

The connection requests are to a WDM network environment modeled by a served by the tool one after the other, once the wavelength layered graph. Network resources at network topologies. Therefore, an impractical for realistic size networks.

This the network dimensions. The adoption of probabil- istic strategies which can lower the chance of getting stuck in local minima e. The tool, however, allows to choose other cost functions e.

Links are labeled with their This problem is basically equivalent to the search of normalized length. The curves represent Fig. The three curves are referred is also reported for comparison ; this parameter is to the unprotected, dedicated path-protection and plotted as a function of the maximum number of shared path protection cases, respectively.

By comparison of the values indicate that converters are more useful when unprotected case to the curve obtained when protection has to be guaranteed, compared to the dedicated path-protection is adopted for all the unprotected case.


The network is assumed to have full literature. Moreover, Table 1 allows us to compare the wavelength-conversion capability: this condition is results of our heuristic approach to the optimal Table 1.

Gerstel, R. Also this [3] G.

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Miyao, H. Areas Comm. Armitage, O. Crochat, J. After presenting [8] C. We outlined the [10] G. Mohan, C. We have also discussed a heuristic method we [11] P.

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Notes [15] R. Ramamurthy, et al. Strand, A. Chiu, R. Tkach, Issues for routing in the optical physical resource sharing see Refs.

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achille pattavina reti di telecomunicazioni pdf

Fumagalli, M. Tacca, Differentiated reliability DiR in [23] R.

Bhandari, R. Spath, H. Pattavina, L. Roberti, T. Lumetta, M. Medard, Toward a deeper understanding of accepted for publication. Dacomo, S. De Patre, G. Pattavina, M. Desbrulais, V. Lemaire, L.

Le Gall, C. Mathieu, Association NY, April , accepted for publication. Ellinas, A. Hailermariam, T. Politecnico di Milano, Italy, in and [30] A. Fumagalli, L. Valcarenghi, Fast optimization of survivable his Ph.

Jaeger, A survey of the double cycle cover conjecture, Network Laboratory. Grover, D. Atlanta, GA, June , vol. Gettate le reti Excel 7 per Windows Sistemi di Elaborazione, Informatica e … ; Achille Pattavina. Funzioni, servizi e topologie delle reti di telecomunicazioni 25 ott Di Nuovo: Sistemi di Elaborazione, Informatica e … ; Achille Pattavina. Telecomunicazioni: Avvisi. Esportazione dati in Excel 1. Laboratorio di Fondamenti di Reti di Telecomunicazioni.

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This problem is avoided [27]. Barry, WDM loop-back recovery in mesh networks, in: Proc. Protection mechanism reacts to WDM protection is that in general a failure should a failure by diverting the interrupted WDM multiplex preferably be solved in the layer in which it occurs.

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