Materiais voltados para certificações. Contribute to skywalkerluc/certification- materials development by creating an account on GitHub. Querying Microsoft®. SQL Server®. Exam Training Kit. Itzik Ben- Gan worldwide. If you need support related to this book, email Microsoft Press. Exam Querying Microsoft SQL Server Objective chapter LessOn 1. create Database Objects Create and alter tables using T-SQL syntax.

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Training Kit (Exam 70-461) Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (MCSA)

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Open the script file TSQL You should make use of a table-valued function. CompanyID column already exist in the Partners. CompanyID column? You should add a Foreign Key Constraint on the Events table. You should add a Check Constraint on the Events table. You should add a Unique Constraint on the Events table. You should specify Events. CompanyID as a spars column. You should change the Events table to a partitioned table.

What should you implement on the view? You should consider implementing an Index.

Answer: C "Pass Any Exam. ProductID, Invoices. InvoiceDate "Pass Any Exam. You should add a clustered index to the SalesV view.

Create a columnstore index on all columns used in the SalesV view. The inline table-valued function should also allow for sales orders for each product to be listed by the latest sale. How would you create this inline table-valued function?

How would you create this table?

You are developing a stored procedure that takes a parameter named date that uses the varchar datatype. The date parameter must be compared to the value in a datetime column "Pass Any Exam.

You want to create a Transact-SQL query will call a table-valued function for every row the query returns. How would you accomplish this task?

You should make use of a Trigger. You should make use of a CAST function.

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Double B. Money C.

Int "Pass Any Exam. Numeric E.

Microsoft 70-461 Exam

SmallInt F. VarInt G. The company wants a list of Customers who live in a city that does not have a ABC. The result set must be sorted alphabetically by City name. Which of the following Transact-SQL statements would return the required information? You need to develop a stored procedure named dbo.

The dbo. How should you design the stored procedure so that callers that do not paver permissions on CommDB and SalesDB can run the dbo. You should assign users permission to the stored procedure. Answer: A "Pass Any Exam.

You want the status information from the batch process to be logged to a SQL Server table that must be created by the batch process. You should make use of a scalar user-defined function. You should make use of an inline function. You should make use of a stored procedure.

How would you accomplish this? You should make use of a table-valued user-defined function. A user-defined data type can accept an input variable and return a table of results but cannot be used within a view.

70-461 Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 .pdf - 70-461...

A scalar function can accept an input variable and return a table of results but cannot be used within a view. A table-valued function can accept an input variable and return a table of results but cannot be used within a view.

A table-valued type can accept an input variable and return a table of results but cannot be used within a view.

You should make use of a LOOP hint in the stored procedure. You create a heap named OldData that will store historical data from the Orders table. You need to write a Transact-SQL query that will insert rows of data from the Orders table that are marked as closed and are more than six months old.

Which of the following table hints should you use in your query if you want to optimize transaction logging and locking for the query? You have a stored procedure that is executed quite often. The stored procedure joins data from two tables.I noticed your genuine concern for attention to detail and your skillful execution at all levels of the project. Great help for so many people of Microsoft practice exam questions: Microsoft exam question and answers that are available online in the format of pdf and vce for helping the students.


Use the CAST function. Convert the view into a stored procedure and retrieve the result from the stored procedure into a temporary table. You need to achieve this goal without taking the index offline. You need to write a query that will return the correct results in the most efficient manner.

A Explanation: You need to display dates and times in several international formats. You create a view that displays the dates and times of the airline schedules on a report.

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