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hfm good interview Questions - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Oracle Hyperion Interview Questions for the. Oracle HFM Interview Questions & Answers (Part- 2)What are different tutorials for freshers beginners and experienced pdf free download. Great HFM interview question, HFM Interview questions pdf download available for offline reading also.

The acquiring company must recognize goodwill as an asset in its financial statements and present it as a separate line item on the balance sheet Question 71 what is COA? For example, the Actual scenario can contain data from a general ledger, reflecting past and current business operations.

The Budget scenario can contain data that reflects the targeted business operations. The Forecast scenario typically contains data that corresponds to predictions for upcoming periods. You can define any number of scenarios for an application and define attributes for Scenario dimension members, such as the default frequency, the default view, and zero data settings.

Answer Financial Management retrieves data from the Financial Management database in blocks called sub cubes. The mode of retrieving will be through data forms, data grids or smart view. In smart view we will use HS.

Get function to retrieve the data. What is application profile, can we change application profile at Any point of time? Another way of migrating application is traditional way that is extract all required files from development and load same files in production Question 98 Why do I see multiple HsvDataSource.

Connections are application specific.

If multiple applications are opened, multiple HsvDataSource. However, connections are not released on an application basis — they are released on an application server basis.

All connections are not released until the application server has no Financial Management users accessing any application. Question What is Statutory Hierarchy?

Answer Statutory hierarchy means which fits for Legal requirement to submit the accounts of a company. Question What is Managerial Hierarchy?

Answer Managerial hierarchy is for higher management it will gives you in-depth analysis for different areas. Answer The main thing you need to do after performing the migration is we have to check all the functionality in the application like, loading, extracting data, journals etc.

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What is intercompany Dimension? Answer The Intercompany dimension represents all intercompany balances that exist for an account.

This is a reserved dimension that is used in combination with the Account dimension and any custom dimension. Financial Management can track and eliminate intercompany transaction details across accounts and entities.

You can also run intercompany matching reports to view intercompany transactions. Question What is line item detail in HFM how to enter it?

Top 115 HFM Interview Questions Part-3

Question How do you take back up of a HFM application? Answer Normal practice is copy application, back up of security, meta-data, data etc. Question The data is exported to smart view in excel but the cells are showing zeros what could be the reason?

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Answer This is because of the Zero view adjustments and Zero view non-adjustments in scenario dimension meta-data attributes. It represents buffer in memory which holds compressed data files.

What does 'DOU' mean? Which property helps us to consider using ACE?

A very little population of inter company data forces us to consider using ACE. Which two functions can produce a report that includes only Elimination entities? Explain Dense and Sparse Dimensions? Dense dimension is a dimension in which most data exists for every combination of dimension members whereas sparse dimensions are the dimensions which has low probability that data will exist for every combination of dimension members. What are the three primary build methods for building dimensions?

The following are the three primary build methods for building dimensions Generation references 2. Level references 3. Parent-Child references. We cannot create more than 1 database in ASO but we can create more than 1 db per application.

Hyperion Financial Management Interview Questions and Answers

If we have more than 10 dimensions then we should opt for ASO.The Hyperion Financial Management Web client contains all functionality available in the Windows client with the exception of security administration.

Dependent entities are owned by other entities in the organization. Here the currencies will have a relationship with value dimension After you load metadata, Financial Management automatically creates three Value dimension members for each currency in your application: Currency Name, Currency Name Adjs, and Currency Name Total, where Currency Name is the currency label.

You can access the Web-enabled portions of Hyperion Financial Management in this tier. If multiple applications are opened, multiple HsvDataSource.

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