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Lego Katalog 2008 Pdf

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P.S.: It looks like Anakin's new hairpiece is also used in the new agents theme ( on pic 28). Edited January 16, by Lego-Freak. LEGO set database: Catalogues. Large UK c67uk, 16 pages, 22Mb PDF Large UK For LEGO Champion Builders c77uk2, 18 pages, 17Mb PDF. The Lego Company. This page is fan created and not endorsed by any Lego company. All pictures of sets are owned by the Lego® company. dec .


Thx so much.

X-D There are some new duplo sets including new trains and another push along steam train; is this the third or fourth set like this? The catalog is not downloadable anymore, unless something is mistyped in the link.

Isn't that this set? These are all preliminary! Well, page 40 and 41 don't work because there's a mistake hidden in the link: Recommended Posts.

Posted January 16, edited. I see there is still space for new sets to come out later on this summer.

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