Thank you,. You can download your FREE Singapore travel guide here: http:// We've also sent you an email with. Singapore is a glittering cosmopolitan city with a history deeply rooted in trade and commerce; it's a cultivated playground for sophisticated world travellers and . SINGAPORE. INSIDE: NEIGHBOURHOOD GUIDES That's where we come in; this National Day issue of Singapore Insider packs the best and the latest in.

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information in this guide is correct at the time of printing. FOUNDER Chris Edwards. MANAGING exhibition located at the second floor of the Singapore Visitor. See Singapore in one week with this seven-day itinerary featuring the best of the Designed to look like Singapore back in the s, this charming eating spot. Singapore is a fascinating melting pot of East and West. Here the hypermodern buildings of the financial district blend with Chinatown's classic.

The photographs The publication also has photographs of places and demonstrate the keen eye that these Japanese had for pre- peoples, capturing images of tradesmen, village and town war Singapore.

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For illustrations, the guide proves to be a life, and classical buildings now demolished. Although Willis treasured showcase of merchandise, businesses and shops does offer a standard acknowledgement, no credit is given in pre-war Singapore.

However, his concluding page indicates that the writes about has a parallel advertising poster printed on the next page. The guide also has an index of these business advertisements for easy re- ference. These may have been a clever marke- ting ploy Willis engaged in in order to self-publish the guide.

Nevertheless, it makes the guide the perfect time capsule for an insight to busi- nesses catering to the visitor in the s. Shopfronts, long gone, have details of their services, proprietors and opening hours emblazoned in their advertisements. Long standing institutions and businesses such as John Little, Haig whisky and MPH portray art noveau perspectives of themselves in the s.

The guide continued to be published past the war period with as many as 5, copies published in Plans showing roads from the dock to Raffles Place Willis, , p. Trip to Johore.

ST, p. Straits Times, p. The book was published in June, July and September of January The Straits Times, p. November 18 , The Straits Times, p.

January Rev A. Wardle as cited in Dangers The Straits 4.

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A new guide. The Straits faced by men of Merchant Navy.

Times, p. June Singapore outing for merchant seamen, 5. January 17 , The Straits Times, p. Wong, Ah Yoke. Satay 6. It was renamed The Mission to Seafarers January Satay hawkers were featured on local 7.

Moore, , p. February 1. Helping Seamen in Singapore. Notes of the day — the Ponggol Zoo.

Missions to Seamen in Singapore. Dutch sailors see Singapore.

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Impressive new building. September 5. The sights — for seamen. Air for judge, jury, barristers. August 2. The Straits Times, Microfilm no. Moore, M.

Eighty years : Singapore outing for merchant seamen. Branch of The Mission to Seafarers. The Straits Mission to Seafarers Call no. Naval ratings on trip to Johore. The Straits 5. Furnishings set high standard. The Straits Times, 6.

Willis, A. Singapore: Alfred Charles Willis. Housing conditions in the S. Wong, A.

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Satay clubs The men who helped to build the new January Day or night, views from the tower are breathtaking.

This Ferris wheel gives you a visual feast of the Marina Bay and the great icons and landmarks of Singapore. Now a bustling nightlife area, the run-down warehouses - "go downs" - have been turned into nightclubs, restaurants and flea markets.

Though fully renovated, historical buildings have been preserved, letting it retain its special character. Holland Village Often referred to as "Holland V," this happening area is popular with young Singaporeans and expatriates. It offers a bohemian mix of fine restaurants, cool bars and street eateries. Holland Village also is a hub for antiques, with many outlets dealing arts and handicrafts, especially home ware and furniture.

The Southern Ridges A remnant of the luxurious greenery once covering the whole of the island, the Southern Ridges are a series of green spaces strung along 9 km. Take the elevated Canopy Walk through the rainforest, stop to study all things gardening at Hort Park, then cross the beautifully designed Henderson Waves bridge, and, finally, take the cable car down to Sentosa Island after having admired the panoramic view from Mount Faber.

Chinatown Construction of the Chinese district of Singapore started in and started out rougher, more cramped and crowded than it is today.

Most of it has been renovated, but the narrow streets and shops remain, as do several large markets. Drop into the Peoples Park Complex shopping centre and Chinatown Complex market where the experience receives added dimensions. This is a wonderful hotel with a great atmosphere, a museum and beautiful gardens. Food is important at the hotel where the cuisine is world-class. For anyone who wants to learn to cook like the great chefs, courses are given at the Raffles Culinary Academy.

Just outside the entrance stands, perhaps, the world's most photographed doorman. Esplanade At the mouth of the Singapore River lies the Esplanade, a performance art centre featuring a concert hall, a theatre hall, recital and rehearsal studios, as well as outdoor performance spaces. Even with no one on stage, this is a great spot for lunch or afternoon tea at the neighbouring Esplanade Mall.

Here is a museum where you can be part of the artwork, simply by taking a photo with their ultra-realistic 3D art exhibits. You will find yourself immersed in the wonderful world of optical illusions.Singapore Photo Co.

September of January Football proved but the numbers had risen to 10, in , portraying especially popular with ships wiring messages prior to their close to a ten-fold increase. Willis most likely made the sketch maps of tours through the city centre. Satay hawkers were featured on local 7. Call no.

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